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French Roulette - Casino Roulette


French Roulette should be the game you head straight for if you are given a choice of Roulette games to play.

The reason for this is simple and that is due to its very generous games rules, the rules dictate then when a zero is spun in you will only lose half of you even money bet stakes.

So if you have, for example a $50 wager on Red and zero appears then you will have returned half of this I.E. $25.

This rule means the house edge on French Roulette is just 1.35% which compares very favorably once you realise that European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%.

So if you can track down a French Roulette table then it should be a no brainer, and that should be the game you play.

Apart from this rule of returning half of your Even money bet stakes when zero appears the game plays just like the European Roulette game in as much as it has just one zero.

Being a French game of origin then you will notice that the betting options on the French Roulette tables layout are in French, so to help you understand what they mean we have put together the following guide.

Premiere 12 bet, this is simply a bet on the first twelve numbers, 1 to 12. It pays 2-1. If you wish to place a bet on this you need to place your chips in the P12 area on the French Roulette table layout.

Moyenne 12 bet, this is when you wish to place a bet on the middle twelve numbers, 13 to 24. This area is indicated by the M12 on the layout.

Derniere 12 bet, this is a bet on the last twelve numbers, 25 to 36. To place a wager on this betting option simply place your chips in the area indicated with D12.

The following bets are the Even money paying ones:

Manqué 1 to 18 bet is a bet on the first eighteen numbers, 1 to 18. The area is indicated as Manqué 1 to 18 on the layout.

Passé 19 to 36 bet is a bet on the last eighteen numbers, 19 to 36. To bet on this wager place your chips where it says Passé 19 to 36.

Pair Even bet is a bet on the eighteen even numbers. The area is indicated by the wording Pair Even on the layout.

Impair Odd bet is a bet on the eighteen odd numbers. Just place you chips in the area that is titled Impair Odd.

Red bet as the name suggests this is a bet on the eighteen red numbers, the area is clearly identified as it has a big a Red Diamond.

Black bet is simply a bet on the eighteen black numbers. You can't miss this wagers betting area as it has a big Black Diamond.