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Microgaming are the number one casino software provider and their Roulette games are some of the most realistic online. Come and read more about what they have to offer to all online Roulette players choosing to use their software.
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They are the new kids on the block when it comes to casino software, but they have become an instant hit with their great playing roulette games and the ability to accept all US online Roulette players.
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Many Roulette players first choice of online casino software is Real Time Gaming (RTG) who have one of the fastest and most realistic Roulette games found anywhere online, come and find out more about this industry leading software.
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They have been around for years and WGS Technology offers players the chance to play all their Roulette games via a download package of a flash powered suite of games, they're one of the best.
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European Roulette - Casino Roulette


European Roulette is a game full of mystery, untold riches and the game of choice for James Bond 007! But don't let that put you off playing as it also offers some really good payout percentages and a relatively low house edge.

There are many different software companies out there and they all have their own versions of this game but each one plays to exactly the same rules, the only difference you will notice between the different softwares is the graphics, sounds and game play.

Placing a wager on European Roulette couldn't be easier, but first of all you will need to buy chips from the Dealer, once you have handed over your hard earned cash the Dealer will give you a pile of chips that are of one unique color.

All players in a game of European Roulette are allocated different colored chips, this is nothing untoward it simply allows the Dealer to indentify whose chips on the layout belong to whom, and this ensures the correct winners are paid out.

To place a wager on European Roulette you simply need to put a chip or chips onto the layout in any of the betting boxes, there are loads of different places you can opt to place your chips and for a complete guide then visit our Roulette Payouts and Odds section for a complete listing.

Be aware however that once the Dealer has stated "No More Bets" then you are not permitted to place any further bets as the ball will shortly be coming to a rest.

Once the ball has come to a complete stop and landed into one of the ball wells the Dealer will then announce the winning number, clear all losing bets then begin to payout the winning bets.

If you are playing European Roulette in a landbased casino then one thing you will notice is that when people are placing their bets onto the table there will be arms and legs all over the place as people scramble to place their wagers.

Always try and position yourself where you can reach all the possible betting positions so you don't have to reach across the table, the Dealer will be able to place your bets should you not be able to reach them, but give him/her the chips and clearly state where you want you chips to lay.

One word of warning and this is never go "bet mad" when playing European Roulette online or any wherefor that matter, what we mean by this is that it is very easy to go nuts and start throwing down your chips all over the table in a mad frenzy!

Stay calm choose your numbers wisely and do not feel obliged to bet on everything.

The major advantage of playing European Roulette online is that you can play at your own speed, you can take time to place your chips and you are not up against any kind of timer.

You will however notice that by playing online that you will be able to play much more games in any period of time than you would if you played at a landbased venue, this is obviously due to the Dealer not having to clear bets and pay them out manually.